Posted 10th Jun 2022 (Posted 3 h, 30 m ago)
My daughter who is pregnant with her first child lives with her partner down a terrace street, which like many terrace streets up and down the country is quite congested. They both have cars, her partner also has a high sided van and they both work hard, doing overtime when available.
My daughters partner sometimes parks his van outside neighbours houses rather than outside their house, I presume and hope this is because he wants to leave the parking space outside their house for my daughter, as she is pregnant, and I presume he thinks it’s better for her not to have to waddle too far home. Anyhow a neighbour left a note on his van questioning why he isn’t parking on his own front, stating that if he doesn’t want his own van parked at the front of his house, why does he think they want it outside theirs? They also state that all they ask for is a little respect, and that they all get on down the street, and so could he, if he shows a little respect.
So I’m just curious on what other people’s views are on this? Yes, I would be a little peeved off having a large van parked outside my home, but people should know what it’s like for parking down a terrace street before they purchase a house there, and yes I know they’re not moaning about taking the space but rather parking a large van there. I’ve told my daughter to tell him to carry on parking where he likes and to just smile and walk away if he ever gets confronted about it. End of the day, he’s just trying to make a living to support his family, he’s doing nothing wrong. What’s people’s opinion looking at it from both sides?
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    They have 3 vehicles and live in a terraced street.

    Did they not think about the parking in the street before buying the house?

    Works both ways. It may be that its all people can afford so don't have the luxury of affording a property with a parking space or a drive.

    If it was me and the van was constantly being parked in the same position every day, I would be peeved about it as nobody wants a high sided panel van outside their house, even if its their own. I don't see the relevance of being pregnant has on parking. I am sure she is more than capable of walking down a street even at 9 months pregnant? Exercise is good for mum and baby and pregnant women don't need to be wrapped up in cotton wool.

    Seems to me a slight sense of entitlement because she's pregnant personally.

    Solutions? Park the van somewhere else, rent a garage and park the unused car there whilst van is being used (unless I am mistaken, 2 people can't drive 3 vehicles at the same time), sell one car.
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    My opinion?

    Your family are out of order. Not only taking a disproportionate number of spaces, but also parking a high van outside other peoples houses instead of your own is.... Well I can't use the terms that I would due to the site rules.

    Just being entitled. Have some respect for the people you live among.

    Replying to

    Yeah, never seen that sentence “just trying to earn money for his family“ carrying much weight in my mind …. What about other peoples family or the impact of you earning for your family has on others.

    Another one I dislike is that other quote ppl used to use “I would die for my family blah blah” …. Try living for them unless you got a death wish!
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    Legally he can park anywhere as long as it's not restricted. As someone who lives in a terraced street i'd be annoyed if someone kept parking a large van outside my house instead of their own as it blocks light to the living room. In our street it's pretty much one car per household so everyone gets on without issue, 2 cars and a van is a bit ridiculous. Pregnancy is not an illness or a disability either, my wife walked over a mile to work until a few weeks before giving birth. 100% with the neighbor on this.
    This is very true blocking light to the living room. Had the same problem with my moms neighbour its like having a wall outside your window. Don't have the problem anymore but it was annoying. To the op move the van outside his own house. He will see quickly how annoying it is, that's why he don't park it there, not because he leaves a space for your daughter.
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    So it's the neighbours fault he's parking his big van outside their house because they had the audacity to buy their house?
    Whereas it's not his fault for not parking outside his own house because he got his partner pregnant?
    Is that the jist of it? (edited)
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    Park the van outside their own house or as suggested park away from the street or rent a garage, she has 2 legs she can use them. pregnancy is no excuse. My partner worked until she was full term almost at a nursery, there is no excuse.

    I think you are getting the jist of how this thread is going, so accept that your daughter and partner are taking the pish and tell them to listen to the neighbour. Why would they want to upset neighbours, they have to live there.
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    I'd take the view it is selfish. You say people should know what it's like for parking before buying a house on a terraced street, surely your daughter should have known that parking two cars and a van on a terraced street would cause problems. In addition to this, a high sided van is probably taking light from the affected premises. The neighbours seem quite decent in politely asking for a little respect, perhaps your daughter and her partner should show them some.

    Well, you asked for a view.
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    Saying smile and walk on instead of explaining the situation just suggests that you (proxy of relative) don't really have a decent argument.
    If you wish to have any courtesy then at least stick the big van outside your own property. It must be quite annoying seeing that being done to you every single day.

    ps: Your title is "neighbours moaning regarding parking" when it should read "neighbours politely ask for respect regarding parking". "Moaning" evidently suggests that you don't care in the least (edited)
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    You asked for opinions considering both sides but it is clear that your daughter / her partner are being selfish and oblivious to reality. And you are encouraging them because you are not affected. (edited)
    To be honest the op appears to have a worse attitude than his daughter, 'the apple never falls far from the tree' certainly seems to apply
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    Try to park the van somewhere else altogether (If you can) ... or in front of own house if possible. In front of your own house at least shows you are trying....

    I always try to park at the end of a road where you are alongside gardens of the neighbouring road not in front of houses.

    Parking the van outside my house when the space outside yours is empty would wind me up. I think it would do with most people.
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    *Can* he park his van outside neighbours' properties? Yes of course he can.

    *Should* he park his van outside neighbours' properties? Well, only he can make that call really but he should ask himself if he would like someone else doing the same outside his.

    Personally, I don't buy the "leaving the space for pregnant partner" as if it's anything like when I lived in a terrace, someone else would have been in there in a heartbeat.
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    Considering the replies in here, this may be a good representation of OP right now:
    Op has clearly already made their own mind up.
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    Having previously lived on a terrace street just going to echo a few thing stated already. There's a very high chance the van will be blocking the light for the neighbour and blocking their entire view of the street. Are the vehicles parked on the pavement to allow cars to drive down the road like a lot of terrace streets that tend not to be that wide? people did tend to be quite protective over spaces outside their homes as unless they're particularly wide terraces 2 cars and a van will take up more than 2 houses worth of parking.

    If I had the van I would be parking it outside my own house due to above reasons, It would only be fair, the only reason not to be doing really is because I wouldn't want those issues blocked light/view myself.

    My wife didn't pass her driving test till after she had our children so she was walking everywhere if I was at work (Schools, shopping, visiting friends) without any issues whilst pregnant and it would previously be the normal. Leaving a parking space for that reason isn't really valid.

    That being said provided all vehicles are legally on the road there's no reason not to park where they want. Obviously neighbourly relations might be stretched if it continues as they have already aired their concerns but that's upto whoever is involved if that concerns them enough. I would be parking the van outside my house. (edited)
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    Park the van outside your own and use the neighbours for the car? I can't see the issue here, the pregnancy thing is nonsense my wife was still walking the dogs the day she was induced.
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    You might wish to consider whether any other persons in the street are pregnant, work hard for living etc etc. We all need to get on. I find it hard to understand the many (not all) who treat their vans as company cars. Any decent employer would have space to park the van. And for the self-employed find somewhere else to park and if necessary walk home.
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    Please ask the van owner to park and restrict the light in front of his own house. Inconsiderate neighbours are the worst.
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    Inconsiderate to park a van in front of a neighbour’s house rather than your own. Pregnancy just sounds like an excuse to do it. Park the ugly van in front of your own home and walk.

    I’d be livid if I was in this situation, a polite note would be the last thing on my mind
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    Username checks out
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    At the end of the day he can park where he wishes. They don’t own a driveway so have to park on the road. Yes it’s a pain looking at a van but this is what you get living in terraced houses.
    At the end of the day the neighbours can moan, but I’m sure if they ever needed a favour they would knock on the door. I wouldn’t worry about it
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    They might want to consider that one day those van tyres and windows will need replacing.
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    Yeah, I think I'm with the others on this.

    I know a number of women who were cycling and even going to the gym when 8 months pregnant.

    Occasionally, a high sided van gets parked outside of our house, and it does block the light (and terraced houses are notorious for being a bit gloomy inside anyhow). The missus gets properly narked by it, but I'm fine. We have a drive, but no car so don't really mind if people park in front of that. The missus isn't impressed though.

    Three vehicles between two people is a tad excessive imo. (edited)
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    Park the van further away that doesn’t take someone else’s parking space. Respect and consideration are the key words or be a selfish ****. Even the second car is your problem, not theirs!
    He can walk can’t he!
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    It feels like you probably aren't parking a million miles away, unless the street that you lived on was dangerous, your pregnant wife had to walk for a very long time or there was nowhere else that was suitable to park, the short stroll from the parked car to the house will be great for her.

    I doesn't sound like the neighbours have an issue with you parking in front of their house it's possible more of the an issue with the van.

    I'll have to agree with the majority of this thread.
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    agreed with everyone else. The guy should park the van outside HIS house and park the car outside neighbours if no other choice. Having a large vehicle outside your terraced house, blocking the light is annoying and yes, ive been through it. The neighbour is being very polite by asking you.

    Your advice to your daughter is just entitlement and clearly shows your attitude to being good with neighbours. Yes, its a public road and yes they can park anywhere but parking the van outside someone else's house, on the pretext of your daughter being pregnant, its just an excuse. Im sure the walk for your daughter would be a few yards away, not exactly miles.

    your attitude OP is exactly the problem and you giving such advice is shameful. and using pregnancy, working hard and overtime as some sort of justification. I guess OP will just ignore what people here are saying anyway as they probably just wanted some confirmation bias. Think the OP must be surprised with the responses. (edited)
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    Report to highways like I did my neighbours, my comments got deleted which is ridiculous as you don’t live next to them
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    Hope the neighbours start to park outside your daughters house on a regular occurrence - your daughter and partner clearly have no respect for their neighbours.

    Parking is a big issue for most properties and streets and majority of people realise this and try to be as considerate as possible when parking - your family do not appear to be in this majority.

    Amazed the tyres in van are still inflated - I’m sure there’d be many of people who would have reached the end of the tether with this selfish behaviour and would not be leaving a note but a brick instead
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    We had a large van parking on the opposite side of our street making it difficult to turn into and out of our drive (not to mention being an eyesore. said owner of the Van lived in the next street.

    when confronted the owner of the van stated they couldn’t park it outside their own home because they could never get a space. Low and behold when they were arguing this point the van pulled up onto our street and would you believe it…there was no car parked outside of their house. So their argument was a lie.

    They owned 2 cars, the work van AND had a drive. Clearly they didn’t want the van outside of their home. They now ‘make space’ for all of their vehicles in front of their own house!
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    If the cars and van are all taxed m.o.t etc then he can park any where he wants. I'm having the same problem at the minute with neighbors with multiple cars but can't do anything. You could have 20 cars all taxed mot etc and still do nothing.
    yes, but the OP's relative is purposefully parking their van outside someone elses house even if there is space outside their own house.

    Yes, they can park anywhere but this is about being considerate, especially if you have more than 1 car. Theres been a few recent major incidents where parking issues have been one of the issues with neighbours and its come to very serious consequences.

    If i ever park outside my neighbours, as soon as a spot opens outside mine, i'll go and change it. Its called being considerate of everyone.
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    Come on OP, you're taking a pounding!! Defend yourself
    fully justified too imo.

    absolute entitlement of not parking his own large van outside his own house. park the car outside neighbours which is still annoying and park the big van outside your own.
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    OP, if you genuinely posted for advice, i think you would have a word with your daughter and tell them to not park the van outside someone else's property.
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    The fact they left a note on the van and decided not to talk to the van driver tells you everything you need to know about them. Go and knock on their door...really mess with their heads
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    Once the pregnancy is over he'll start parking in front of his own house, or will the next thing be that she's got a baby, a toddler, a pushchair, an infant, shopping and so on?
    This could be going on for the next 15yrs if more kids come along.
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    It's a horribly emotive subject, which is different to the legalities, as others have pointed out at length.

    For what it's worth, at home I don't park outside other people's houses. One of my cars lives in a garage, the other directly outside the house. There is a hard standing in front of the garage but it's not wide enough to open your car door and get out, and parking there blocks bikes/bins/the other car getting out of the garage.

    If I get a skip or similar I shift my other car round to a side street so that I'm not taking up extra space on the street, or parking in front of anyone else's house.

    I don't think you can realistically expect to 'reserve' a space on a terraced street.

    If you leave a car directly outside your own house and don't move it (as I'm sure lots of us did over lockdown) I don't think anyone can really have any complaints. But leaving one outside someone else's house, when you've got space in front of your own, is going to cause complaints. (edited)
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    I think the OP lit the fuse and retreated for his own amusement.