Neighbours playing loud music between 1am and 3am every night!

Posted 13th Jun 2010
My boyfriends neighbours (or flat / house nearby, we can't quite tell) have been playing loud drum and bass music every single night between the hours of 1am and 3am.

They used to do it occasionally at a weekend but now it is every single night. It starts off with them turning it up to (what sounds like) the maximum level then after a few minutes it gets turned down (but the bass is still audible) then it goes off after about half an hour and the whole process starts again until about 3am, sometimes later.

We can't work out who it is but it is definitely one of the two houses next door however the houses are separate from the flats (my boyfriend's bedroom wall is shared with the second floor of the first house - so I think it is them!) so we have never seen or met the people who live in the houses.

During the weekend is bad enough but now they are doing it during the week something has to be done. They obviously don't have jobs to get up for!

Can you advise what we need to do as I am not really sure? The flats and houses are HA I think so should we start with them?
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