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    just get a samsung 1tb

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    He's talking rubbish, just get a 1TB Samsung F3 for under £40.

    That's what I thought. I was looking at the F3 but thought I'd ask some chaps on the internet to make sure it's not going to stop spinning after 6 months use

    Never heard this knowledge.

    I originally had a 250GB upgraded to a 1TB about a year ago, and upgraded to a 2TB a few months back.

    As with any HDD, backing up is the key. Any drive of any capacity can fail.
    I am not a nerd, but you can take my advice as sound.

    Buy 2 Samsungs. One for use, the other for regular backups. Get three if you can afford it even.

    With everyone owning priceless digital media, you really won't know what you've lost in a blink of an eyelid until you have.
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