Nerf Darts

    Can anyone tell me if any nerf darts will work in the maverick gun. As I see it I can see 4 different types of darts, clip system, suction, dart tag and whistler. They came with whistler, but can find a better deal on the dart tag type.

    Or can anyone find a 36 refill pack for under £4.75 delivered?

    Cheers in advance btw


    Dart tag can work, but can sometimes jam. All in all, the Maverick can probably use all Nerf Darts.
    I broght 2 of theses last year,i only use whistle,i used the tag ones thay some times get jammed
    ive not had any pors with whistle ones

    My son has 2 of these, just asked him and he said he uses the Clip and Whistler ones, he tried the others but sometimes they jam up.

    Also don't be tempted by the cheap bullets cos these really do jam.

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    I can get the clip ones for £4.75 too, so might go for that

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    Thanks for your help guys
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