nerf darts china?

    I've seen the blue nerf darts for 200 for £6 from china. Are these an ok replacement??


    ive got them before when my son had a nerf party 20 guns, 1500 darts....utter chaos

    some were glued on a little wonky but most were fine, colours maybe less vivid, or uniform but they worked ok and dont think the kids noticed or cared

    i believe there are a couple of sizes Available so make sure you work out what one you need

    I read they sting more ☺

    I bought a pack of 100 from amazon for £4 they are just as good as the "original " nerf ones.

    if the dimensions are goodd, then good to load

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    Thanks for that, I'll give them a try.


    Been buying them for ages, they are just as good as Nerf ones, if not better.
    The black ones are great, and occasionally sting,

    They are not really that safe for kids. The proper nerf darts have a kind of soft tip which compresses on impact. The China ones have a solid tip and would likely pop an eyeball.

    Aswell you will have problems with the guns shredding and compressing the darts poor quality foam in the breach itself, meaning you'll spend more time clearing jams on your kids guns than you will firing them.

    Having experienced all the above first hand, I would only buy if you were having a one off giant party. Day to day use go official pay the extra.
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