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Found 15th Dec 2011
just having a few problems with nerf guns. Which is probably the best gun for under £20, i think its got to be the alpha trooper…htm t

he reviews are great! If i'm mistaken please show a link to a better gun below £20
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I have Barricades, Mavericks, Stampedes, Raider CS-35s, a Recon CS-6 and an Alpha-Trooper.

The Alpha-Trooper has a good range and looks very cool; but mine jams very easily; the 18-Dart drum is very tight and unless your darts are perfectly straight and very evenly loaded it will jam. Also it's the only magazine you can't leave loaded as the darts end up getting squashed out of shape.
In short it's a lovely gun but disappointingly the magazine just doesn't work.

You can get the new Praxis from Amazon for £16.99

If you want a large capacity magazine the Raider is still a good buy - you can pick them up (used) for less than £15 on ebay - new prices are now very high after the recent sub £20 deals.
The Barricade and Maverick are great fun; but are comparatively expensive now.

When friends come round and we have the inevitable Nerf battle folks seem to prefer playing with the Mavericks, Stampedes and Barricades.
I got my daughter one from John Lewis, the Maverick £6.79, they have the nite finder for £6
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