Nes Pad Bag

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Found 13th Oct 2007
Hey there!

I was wondering if any of you could help me out on this one. I would love one of these:


I have been trying for MONTHS now to try and get this bag. Gamestation sell it but have been out of stock for ages (both in several stores and online). I have tried scouring internet land to see if any other vendors sell it, to no avail. Also tried eBay as well :oops:

I asked in-store and on the fone if they knew when they would be getting anymore stock back in, both were basically useless as they "don't get told" when new stock gets in, and when they do get told, they don't know what exactly is in the cargo! Helpful. I asked the chap on the fone if they would maybe get more in for Xmas and he said "i should think so...but i can't say for certain..." :?

Anyroad...if anyone knows of anywhere else that sells these bad boys i would be eternally grateful :-D

Thanks in advance,

- Denny x


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Thanks man, ill keep that one in mind! cheers

Had a quick scoot about on there and they have another Nintendo one too with cheat codes all over it.
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