Nespresso alternative - any reviews?

    About to run out of the 500 capsules I ordered at christmas from Nespresso and would like to try some compatibles (to save money really without hopefully compromising on quality). Has anyone tried any others and if so can they praise or criticise?

    Thanks for your help


    I have tried others such as biglittle cup (mail order) and 3rd party ones from the supermarket. None are as good as Nespresso pods i'm afraid.

    The Carte Noire ones from tesco are very good I think, Good options for strengths as well

    Agree about the carte noir - the best of the generic pods that I've tried to date. ....but still not as good as the nespresso

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    Yeah the official ones are great, I suppose quality comes with a premium as with everything....

    agree with previous comments. Funnily enough when you open the Carte Noire there's a lovely coffee aroma but this must mean they're not sealed and therefore not as fresh as the real deal...
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