Nespresso Capsules - Alternative suppliers?

Found 21st Feb 2010
Is there anywhere else that sells Nespresso capsules / pods apart from Nespresso themselves?

And, it goes without saying, cheaper?
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sorry not seen them ant were

sorry not seen them any were

Probably your only option is to look at ebay. Nobody has cracked the system as yet, as far as I know, so you are ought to buy always original nespresso capsules.
There are some boutiques in Selfridges and Harrods in London.
Hi there is a Spanish based company who are about to have their capsules put on sale across France that are an alternative to the Nespresso ones and a percentage cheaper. Not sure when they are on sale online or even in the UK shops but soon hopefully. There is also a video on youtube explaining the process of self-packing your own capsules, but that defeats the prupose of having a Nespresso machine if you ask me. There is more on my weblog about ]other pods for Nespresso
The reason there are no alternatives is because Nespresso owned the patent for the capsules, but I understand that expires iminently. I expect there will then be various suppliers of Nespresso compatible capsules. I think the best thing about Nespresso though is the quality if the coffee they use, so if you use alternative capsules they may be cheaper, but the coffee probably won't be as good. Will be nice to have the option though. You pays your money....
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