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Posted 23rd Nov
Good Evening
I am thinking of replacing my Dulce Gusto machine with a Nespresso version, honestly the milk is just getting too overpowering in them and the black coffee just tastes null
1) Is there really much difference between the models for an average user?
2) I'm thinking of getting it around now on Black Friday, I see there's the Innisia in Currys for £59 now, but wondering will I get a better deal if I waiter closer to next Friday? If anyone can remember from last year!?

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Instead of changing the machine, why not try 'compatible' brand coffees. There's plenty on Amazon for a start. I've just bought these Caffeluxe and think the coffee is great, nice and smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I just add milk or cream and liquor, depending on what type of 'coffee' I fancy.
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