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    Any recommendations for a nespresso machine with a milk frother? Ideally want to spend under £100, but the cheaper the better. Thanks x


    I think it's all going to be down to timing and how patient you feel. I bought a Lattisimo from Curry's for just under 100 prior to Christmas. I'd say the Lattisimo is better than the combo with an Aeroccino.

    What Paule23 said: if you're prepared to be patient the Lattisimo Touch is a great machine and no messing about with separate frothers. We got ours from Amazon Warehouse when they were doing 20% off a while back, it was down as very good and the only thing up with it was the ripped box. The machine was fine, the free capsules were there and all the documentation was in place.

    It's gets used several times daily, although we stick with the Nespresso capsules. We tried a few different cheaper ones, but the Nespresso ones work better and the coffee is nicer too in my opinion

    dont worry about the cost of the machine its the pods that they really make the mark up on
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    Unfortunately I can't be too patient, as it's a birthday gift for my dad. This weekend. Nothing like a bit of organisation! Haha.

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    I'm still looking for one of these, any deals currently available?
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