Nest + HomeBridge = Apple Home app iPhone/iPad control

Found 4th Jul 2017

Im looking into getting a Nest thermostat, well Im buying one.

I know the Nest isn't HomeKit compatible and you have to use the Nest app straight out of the box but you can install HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi or (in my case) have it running on a Mac server which I already have for VPN, Printer server, TimeMachine etc.

I have seen videos of people controlling the Nest via Siri but I as I don't use Siri at all I was wondering if you can use the iPhone/iPad Home app natively to control nest and not just use Siri?

Many thanks.
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Why not buy a Netatmo instead?

Why not buy a Netatmo instead?

Looked at reviews on both and Nest comings out as a winner for me. The changing of temperature is simpler on the nest for my grandmother (I'm buying two as we have a two zone house) and I like the design of the nest more.
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