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Found 12th Mar
Could anyone advise on the following question about the nest thermostat (3rd gen) display please.

I'm having a new boiler installed and the installer is stating that there is no need to hardwire the display as it can be attached to the wall and charged once a week like a mobile phone via the supplied cable. However reading around installation everybody else seems to sit them on a stand and charge by USB or have them hardwired. i'm concerned using his method i'll be having to charge it every other day.

Has anyone tried his suggested method?

Thanks for any input.
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We have ours on the portable stand- plug in all of the time. Whenever i unplug it an image of a charger appears on the face- so i don't know how long it would last without power? Sounds like a faff!
I have mine on a stand which is connected to a plug. The advantage is I could easily move it if i think it’s in the wrong place.
I think he's just trying to sell you the idea you can move it about without being plugged in. The reality is it will more than likely live on the wall plugged in (looks ugly), or on a stand plugged in. My preference would always be to hard wire it.

Nest gen 2 had 200mah batteries. At a guess I would say it will last 3-4 days without charging. If it runs out the heating will go off, so not ideal if your away and hoping to come home to a warm house.
Thanks for the answers, I've since spoken to him and showed him where you hard wire it and I think he genuinely didn't know they could be hard wired. I mentioned about not wanting to keep taking it off the wall to charge it and he's going to hard wire it as the feed is already there. In fairness he's always been a good plumber when I've used him, he maybe needs to update himself on the SMART thermostats.
How is it being hard wired? We have an existing Honeywell wall thermostat which is hard wired and I'm thinking of getting a Nest 3rd Gen, once our new boiler has been fitted.
We had an existing boiler control unit and a separate Honeywell thermostat.

I'm having it situated where the thermostat was. However according to the plumber they are both 240v feeds and he has had to do something to reduce down to correct voltage, can't remember what.
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