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Posted 1st Mar
hi, I've been weighing up whether to to buy the Hive or Nest thermostat but I think I've decided on the Nest as the Hive needs a hub connected to your router.

My current boiler has no wired thermostat per se but does have a small box connected which I think is known as a heat link and we have a wireless thermostat to turn the heating on and off and adjust temperature, set timers etc. Does anyone here have Nest? I believe it's powered by using existing wiring to the thermostat or by USB but I don't think I have any existing wiring I can use as I've no thermostat. Also my boiler is in a utility room off the conservatory so it's always cold therefore the heating would stay on longer if the Nest was wall mounted in there rather than if the Nest was in the living room for example. I could plug it in via a usb charger and the stand that's available but then that doesn't make it portable as such nor can I mount it anywhere that's convenient. Really keen to hear other people's set up and how they've got it powered etc
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My boiler and heatlink are under the stairs and my nest is in the main living room. The nest connects wirelessly with the boiler. The Nest thermostat is powered from a mains socket using provided USB type charger.
The nest ideally needs to be left in the same place so portability shouldn’t be an issue.
I have Nest, My boiler is in the loft the nest heat link control box is wired directly to the boiler and the engineers then run a cable down to my kitchen where the thermostat is, all wired were hidden so looks seamless. I was also advised to avoid placing the thermostat in a conservatory or hallway as the changes in temp when doors open etc would trigger false heat changes.
My heat link is near the boiler and my nest is powered by a 12v wire from the heat link.

It all depends what your current wiring is as different systems are wired up differently
I have a nest that replaced an old timer wired to a thermostat. Luckily enough the wiring and boiler is all in the garage. I have the boiler wired to the heat link, then the nest stat wired back to the heat link. The nest sits on the wall in the living room, which is my preference as I want the temperature to be controlled from the room we spend the most time in, as above don’t put it in a place with large heat changes
Have you looked at the Netatmo? It's got an eInk screen, powered by 2 AAA batteries that last well over a year.
When you say the hive needs to be connected to your router, why is that a problem, my thinking is that you can buy a long network cable if you're short of mains sockets etc
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I've recently switched from Hive v1 to Nest, and wish I'd stayed with Hive. Hive widgets on an Android phone let you boost the heating for a configurable temperature and length of time. Can't do that with Nest app. No shortcut controls at all, in fact.
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