Nest Wi-Fi - worth the cost?

Posted 20th Mar
looking at upgrading my failing bt homehub6 to nest Wi-Fi. initially with router only then maybe in summer/ black Friday adding a point, or another router.

just wondering if the performance over other options, tp link, tenda, bt etc justifies the cost.

has anyone that has this had any issues at all too?

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I’ve just bought a fairly basic router I paid about £100, I get my full 300 mbps throughout the whole house and garden, where my supplies router struggled if I went out of the room it’s in.

the nest WiFi only supports AC you could get a top of the range router with the latest WiFi spec (AX) for a similar price. I mean mesh systems are decent but the vast majority of people don’t need multiple points in a standard 3 or 4 bed house.

thats without going through all the other features you can enable that likely the google stuff doesn’t support (vpn server, vpn client per device to name two

also I wouldn’t trust google as the gateway to my network but that’s a whole other issue
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You make some good points although the Wi-Fi 6 routers are still quite pricey and don't think the wife would approve of the design of most of them.

The bt hub I have is great when it's not cutting out I've not tried a different channel yet though.
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