net down earnings

    does anyone know how to net down earnings?

    if i was to get 6.41 per hour, how much would this be after tax and National Insurance deductions. also i will be on a Basic Rate tax code

    please give actual figure and also equationto work it out, thanks.


    Doesn't really work on how much your taking per hour. Works on how many hours your doing, your tax code etc etc.

    On an 8 hour day, 5 day week, you would be paid £256.40. You would pay £47.68 tax on that.

    Theres a good calculator here:

    Hope it's of use.

    and you'd have enough for all the beer and loose women you desire!!!..or men...or both..whatever your preference!...ignore me its Friday night and I'm in the mood for someit wicked!!
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