Looking to buy a Netbook for the daughter for Christmas and Im not sure what one to get. I dont mind buying extra RAM if that is required, but cant seem to make up my mind.
    I have enough tesco vouchers for any of the Netbooks on there website but I am really unsure as to which one to buy. any help would be appreciated.
    Daughter is only gonna use it for internet and listening to music, possibly some school work later in the year.

    Thanks for your help


    This seems a good deal…spx

    I bought HP ones for my kids but they are now out of stock

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply, was on the internet for about four hours last night, trawling over what is the best atom processor, whats the benefit of the RAM speed, etc, etc, ended up going for the Dell one…spx

    seems to be a well regarded netbook and I had enough vouchers for it so happy days!:p
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