Please can someone help me find a netbook up to £300 for University? Any advice would be much appreciated.


    Samsung make some very good netbooks. In general the performance of netbooks with a 10in screen is all very close. The processors are very similar, most now run Windows 7 starter, so your biggest issue is typically how big do you wanthe hard drive (tends to be 160 or 250Gb) and how long do you need the battery to last? If you literally want to run free of power all day, you should be looking for something with a manufacturer claimed life of 8-10 hours (as they are always a bit less). You would also find most netbooks benefit from a RAM upgrade, usually from 1 to 2 gb to help it run faster. You may also want to nip into PC World or Currys where they have a big selection. Some trackpads are not so good, and buttons harder to press. In my opinion you will also see many Acers with missing keys which to me shows other rands seem to be better built.

    The screen resolution of 10 in netbooks is 1024 x 600 99% of the time. I find this limiting and preferred to have an 11.6in netbook with a 1388 x 768 screen. Smaller font but can get more on the screen. When you hit 11.6 there are netbooks, but also mini laptops and so the processors and permutations of performance and price are endless. However to me you get a much more useable machine, but typically less battery life powering a bigger screen. I hope that helps you choose.

    BlackCloud's advice is spot on.

    I have used a 10.1" and a 12.1" netbook, and I would go with the 12.1" every time. IMHO, the 10.1" is just too small.

    I have a Lenovo and it is very good with a 4-5 hr battery life. The screen and the keyboard are superb. You can also choose a white one for £10 more with a larger hard drive.

    The features of a netbook are fairly standard and weigh pretty much the same. The variances are the quality of keyboard, screen, HD size, and OS provided. Unless your course involves video editing, or other CPU/graphic intensive work, then a netbook should be a great choice.
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