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I'd like to get my girlfriend a netbook for her birthday. Shes not a huge computer user so it would really be for internet browsing, uploading photos, and using itunes etc

I've got around £200 to spend on one and would like some advice on whats the best one out there at the min. I know theres a dell mini one on at Ebuyer but it is described as box open which I'm taking to mean used / refurb which isn't suitable cos its a present

rep will be added for any help

thanks in advance

3 Comments…htm I bought this a few weeks ago and I think its brilliant.

I have used a Toshiba N130 and it was brilliant.

Original Poster

thanks for that but Im looking at something along the lines of the Inspiron Mini 10, she will care what it looks like and these are quite stylish and seem to be decent as well
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