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    I posted about 5-6weeks ago about returning my netbook to asus for rma repair.
    They've just got back to me saying they cant repair the netbook and offered a replacement.

    I had the Eeepc 1001px…427

    they are offering

    Eeepc 1005ha

    CPU & Chipset N280

    Memory 1GB

    Wireless Data Network

    Hybrid Storage
    160 GB HDD


    It was for my daughters birthday next month but we gave her it early as we thought there was no point leaving it lying in a wardrobe and not getting used.
    Glad we did as problems arose within 17 days and with very light use.

    I originally bought the 100px as it had the n450 chipset, no bluetooth,
    whereas the other has bluetooth but only n280 chipset

    I've had no problems with Asus myself but have read some horror stories,
    I'm unsure wether to accept the swap to save any hassle or just get a refund and buy her another netbook, if so which one ? samsung , aspire one, dell ?

    Any advice from experienced computer / netbook knowledgeable people much appreciated.

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    Original Poster

    no one at all ?

    just want to know if its a decent offer by them or not.

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