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Found 11th Mar 2010

Right there are so many netbook deals about and I was wondering if someone with more expertise could suggest one to buy based upon my needs? I have read a lot but it all seems like a jumble to me! I have a macbook currently so am looking for a netbook as a more portable alternative, as my current macbook and textbook combo is about to do my back in.

The criteria I have is (in order of importance):
*long battery life
And maybe...
aluminium or chicklet Keyboard (desirable but not essential)

I won't be playing games on it, will just use it for emailing and typing documents, and when traveling possibly use it for skype and watching films.

Final thing...Budget! I think I would like to spend sub-300 if possible!

I love the Nokia Notebook out...but at 600 quid it is way too expensive... am not expecting anything similar at 300, but I love that kind of style...are there any similar (cheaper) alternatives in my price range? Everything looks so plasticky!

Anyway I really appreciate any advice!
Cheers for reading xx



some good deals here


think the 1001HA has an anti-glare screen and the 1005HA is a glossy screen but best to check first if you are bothered about that. The cheaper versions have the smaller battery ofcourse and the 1005P Pinetrail is the newer more efficient N450 CPU and supposed to be a bit more economical to run with slightly longer battery life

then there is something like the MSI WIND U130 which has a Chiclet keyboard and the newer N450 processor, not sure if the screen is anti-glare or glossy but not very long battery life I think - best again to confirm first with shop


the cheaper MSI WIND U130 pinetrail versIon with a 3 cell battery is £199 at Argos at the moment


Hope thats some help

you can get the u130 from argos clearance on ebay for 153

blimey thats a good price

it is isnt it?
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