Netbook advice wanted - Have I missed something?


    So I'm after a netbook, in two minds whether to go cheap and cheerful or get a top end one. In any case I've narrowed my options down to...

    Acer Aspire One, 512 meg, 1.6 atom, 8.9 screen, 8 gig solid state, 3 cell bat, Linux Lipus, £165 dixons with voucher.

    Acer Aspire One as above but with 120 gig hd, £199.

    Asus eee 901, 1 gig, 1.6 atom, 12 gig, windows xp, 6 cell, £235 from ebuyer.

    Toshiba NB100, 1 gig, 1.6 atom, 120 gig hd, windows xp, 3 cell, £260 (£230 with cashback claim) from dabs.

    Asus eee 904HD, 1 gig of ram, 900 mhz celeron, 6 cell, windows xp, £235 from tesco direct

    Samsung NC10, you know what this is... £290+ from most places.

    I really want hard disk because I can see myself installing the odd game etc, and also windows xp. This limits me really to the 904HD but then thats the celeron processor, i'd have preferred the atom. The 904HA is the atom but I've been unable to find this from any uk retailer. Infact to be honest the 904HA and HD seem a bit of a compremise between the 1000H and 901. For example it seems like a 901 in the bigger 1000H casing + hard drive. So that draws me to the better spec'd ones like the Samsung NC10 but £300 is a lot of money for something which will be obsolete in a short space of time.

    I could go for the cheaper acer asprie one at £170 but I really don't fancy linux. I think for £65 more the eee 901 with windows xp and 6 cell battery not to mention 1 gig of ram is the better investiment, but whether its worth spending a second £65 more to go for samsung remains to be seen.

    I've also heard that windows xp performs poorly on solid state. To be honest I dont think the solid state's are big enough if like me you want to watch dvd's which you have copied over. Anyone used solid state and found it slow...

    So maybe 904HD with hard disk (albeit smaller 80 gig), celeron, 1 gig, windows xp and £235 price tag is the best, but yeah like I said above it feels like a patched together model.

    Anyone else know of any models I should be looking out for?


    I just bought one, but chose the Windows XP version. I can't see why anyone would want a huge Harddrive since a netbook is no replacement for a PC or Laptop. For films I am just going to plug my Archos or USB drive into it.

    Acer Aspire One as above but with 120 gig hd, £199.

    i have this one - had it for a few months now - it's great - tiny enough to take on holiday

    hard drive a real bonus for saving digi-pics so they're safe

    stacks and stack sof music on it plus a few films


    at home, use it when our lass is hogging the home pc

    or even for daft thhings like looking up recipes in the kitchen whilst preparing food etc

    plus linux interface is good enough

    don't really miss the fact xp isn't on

    if i did, i'm sure there'd be a way to put it on anyway

    only real change i've made is installing vlc as a media player

    For me i use a asus eeepc and it's great ,4gb flash is plenty for me and i store stuff on cards so a HDD is not a big issue.The Linux O/S is very easy to use and the Firefox browser is much better than IE. To be honest i have two laptops but this little wonder travels all round the country with me and if i lose it it's not the end of the world as nothing is saved to the thing!:)

    I bought the NC10.

    Yes, it will be obselete in a few years, but so will every other netbook that you can buy now.

    I bought the NC10 because I need a laptop to go out and about with me & this is a much more manageable size than a full-size laptop. It's only a bit bigger than the Aspire One. Although it is heavier than the Apsire the battery lasts forever (mine has lasted for over 8 hours), which is important if you are going to be out & about a lot & not near a charging point.

    i think it comes down to the old question: "What exactly do you want it to do?". If all you want is to get on the internet then the Aspire one is the one to go for. If you want a laptop but with a longer battery life & not so much bulk then go for the NC10.

    i have the acer aspire one with 120hdd, great for me for taking into uni, powerful enough (just) for what I need to to with it. I got the Linux one but put XP on straight away - i used an external dvd drive but if you search on google for usb multiboot this will help you if you would rather install from usb (there is also a helpful youtube video), do not buy the SSD drive if you want to put xp on though, as the paging xp does to the hard drive, and the fact ssd's are slow will slow ure netbook down.

    forgot to say i got mine from play with a gig of ram for £213, using the RAC 5% discount

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