Netbook - Best Price

    I'm looking for a Netbook having come across the Asus 8gb for £179 in PcWorld last weekend.

    I thought I should check on here to see if anyone has come across better deals recently. I have read through all of the Asus + Netbook threads I could find on here but never really spotted a deal cheaper than £174.

    I guess the more capacity + memory for the lowest price is what I'm aiming for here, I'm not too bothered about using Linux or Windows.

    ... or maybe I'm asking too much to get a netbook cheaper :p! Ah well don't ask you don't get.

    Thanks in advance



    The 4GB eee is availible for £150 and a 4GB SD card will cost you about £6.

    Original Poster

    Ah I hadn't thought of using SD cards and such for storage, thanks!

    rep added

    got an acer one a150 - linux, 120gb, 512 ram - it's canny - using it at the mo
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