Netbook experts - you are requested :P

Found 17th May 2009
Right, basically I'm after a netbook, however Im fully aware I'm no expert. I want a 10" netbook which I'm going to make touchscreen, I've been waiting some time to make a decision to see what the next generation brings, however, I've seen the Asus T91 which does look nice, but the battery life is around 5 hours, so would I be better off just getting an Eee 1000HE (I've looked at the NC10 and the 1000he wins imho) and installing touchscreen and having a touchscreen netbook with an amazing battery life, or is anybody aware of any other upcoming netbooks that tick my 10" touschreen box's?
Any reply's will be greatly appreciated and responded to thanks guys.
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have you seen this one? ]http//ne…tml
Ohhh, thanks Steven, that does look interesting! I hadn't seen that one and that battery life looks fantastic, only downside with that I would think is the 8gb microSD card, but thanks for showing me that
i have a medion netbook i got through here for £176.... 10"

but previous to buying that i was going to go for the samsung nc10, from what i remember it had a better battery life than the eee pc.....also has 93% full siz keys....

I have been playing around with my netbook this weekend and installed windows 7, ubuntu netbook remix and will finally be going back to xp as i prefer it and was fastest
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