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    Looking for some advise please, I am not technical atall and don't really know where to start, my son is wanting a laptop and I have seen some good prices for netbooks, but what can you actuall do with a netbook (compared to a standard laptop)I know they don't have cd/dvd drives but can you use it for itunes/ipods, word/excell documents (homework) etc or are they just for surfing the net, emails and when you are on the go and would I be better looking at a 'standard laptop'
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    netbooks dont have any cd/dvd drives like laptops

    I have a netbook for travelling. Not as powerful as a laptop, so don't think about playing games. If you go for one, I'd advise going to a shop to try one out first. The mouse and keyboard can be tricky on some. My Fujitsu Netbook keyboard is great, but the mouse is difficult. Also go for a Windows version.

    they're good for surfing, but bear in mind a smaller screen means (generally) lower resolution and just a less pleasant browsing experience - especially for prolonged periods.

    lack of a dvd or cd drive can be quite a big miss, though a decent sized usb drive can help in transferring media etc.

    sound quality is generally not as good as something with bigger, and therefore less stressed, speakers.

    all in all - as a short term thing, netbooks are great, but can't replace a full or even mega sized laptop, particularly in terms of power, extra functions like the aforementioned drive, screen size and/or quality and potential sound issues.

    netbooks however are really light - almost pocket sized - so are very versatile.

    a quick edit: i wouldn't necessarily agree with pred's comment about windows

    my netbook has linux (linpus lite - standard thing for acer aspire one) and it's good enough. if a windows machine is going to cost you much more then think twice and maybe check both systems side by side, if you can.

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    thanks for the replies
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