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Found 12th Mar 2010
Can any of you knowledgable guys help plz, I'm looking to buy a net / note book (not sure of the difference!) my requirements are:

Ideally under £300 - but could pay a bit more
Has to have a good battery life of at least 4 hrs
Preferably with Windows 7
Need to be able to connect to the internet (at home & abroad)

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

Btw I am new to all this and replied to a deal the other day where I asked some questions (there were some replies which I wanted to read again / respond to) but I can't find it now - do deals gets removed ar am I just not doing something right?!
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I am not the expert on Netbooks v notebooks but I do have one of each so hopefully can explain the difference!

Usually notebooks have more features and are more powerful than netbooks. Net books tend to be smaller is size and weight and do not come with a cd/dvd drive. Basically, for the requirements you outlined, I think a Netbook would be fine. If you want to branch out to play dvds/cds or computer games then you would need to look at notebook.
As you want to take it abroad, netbooks are far more portable (in general) so that also sounds like the best type to go for.

There are a few deals on here for netbooks, the closest one I can find to your requirements is :


This only has windows vista but you could buy a windows 7 upgrade and it should still come under your £300 budget.

Will keep my eyes out for more netbook deals but the one above seems pretty good for the money...

Hope that helps.
8.9 widescreen Intel Atom Processor. 512MB DDR2 memory. 8GB hard drive. Microsoft Windows XP operating system.. Wireless ready. SD card ready. USB port. Please note this item does not include a CD/DVD drive.. http://www.halfcost.co.uk/img/products/21302715_x.jpg

found this its reconditioned but i have ordered loads from here no problems. they are catalogue returns. put in code ff15 and you will get it delivered for £115.49.
Sometimes the cheaper end netbooks have pretty poor battery life but you can usually get a higher capacity one for between 30 and 50 gbp.

Take manufacturers battery life with a pinch of salt. I have a Toshiba 305 which claims 11 hours but in reality around 6/8 is achievable. Very much depends on what you are doing.

The Tosh 305 is a great machine and if you search the net you can pick them up for 310 / 320 gbp. I think Comet are doing them for £319.
[FONT=Verdana]The bulk of the 8.9" to 10" netbooks out there come (Intel Atom N270/N280/N450) with only 1GB of RAM in place (you would have to purchase additional memory to upgrade it to 2GB) but also the bundled OS for the newer netbooks would be Windows 7 Starter Edition - there are several options out there which include ASUS (EEE PC 1005HA, 10008HA, etc), Dell (Mini 10v & 10 N450), etc.

The larger screen based netbooks (11.6") will generally come with more powerful CPUs but they will consume more power from the batteries based upon reported testing done by online technical organisations but also reports from owners as well (you can find comments here from previous deals as well that have been listed on HUKD).

If you need a hand looking at specific models please let us know and we can post in links to a few deals to give you an idea on the options out there.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:
Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated

Now I think I should get a notebook (!) I would like to be able to play CD / DVDs on it

Am I going to have to pay much more for the spec I want in a notebook? What should I be looking for?
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