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    Looking to buy mum net book for shopping etc can anyone advise good buy for £250 to £300 some people say your better with laptop but she prefers something light weight is it easy enough to view a net book with them having small screen Any advice??


    hi hun, i have been on the laptop hunt for a few weeks around the same price range, it drove me totally mad, checking out reviews and getting opinions of here etc, however went to Currys instore on the Thursday and there was loads to choose from at great prices. I think your best bet is to go along and have a mess about with them on the shelves xxxx

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    its really to see if anyone has net book but thinks they should have just got laptop just thought the net book would be better for weight if that makes sense

    If your mum is only going to use it for the odd browsing, facebook and online purchasing, a netbook is great. Small, very light and everything a laptop can be for the odd internet use. If on the other hand your mum wanted for voip or viewing DVD's or HD movies then you may start having issues as the graphics can get a little stuttery and netbooks are made without a disk drive.

    I have both and would prefer to use the netbook over the laptop.

    I had a play around with the new dual core D255 Acer aspire One and the Acer aspire One 521 AMD chip and found the 521 to be quicker, windows 7 gave the dual core 3.1 for the CPU and the 521 2.5 for the CPU, with graphics etc higher than the dual core, i I bought the 521 in the end.
    in my opinion I would buy an Acer Aspire one 521, not the fastest processor but has a sepearte graphics chip i have played 720p you tube video and it plays smooth, your mum isnt going to play games but for a comparison i have installed Fear and i get 57fps pluging into the TV via HDMI i get 48fpr on res 1024x768, they are selling in pcworld for £199 at the moment.

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    I got my folks a Samsung NC10 netbook a couple of years ago and they love it and take it on holiday etc due to its smaller / lighter size so id certainly recommend that over a bigger laptop if she will only using it for basic stuff

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    Thanks everyone have bought her a netbook
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