Netbook request - what do I need?

    Looking for a netbook but not even sure if one exists that does what I want....

    long battery life (important)
    HDMI put (so I can plug into a HDMI TV and watch the films from my HD - can I do that?)
    Big HD - by choice at least 320gb but ideally larger
    couples with my phone to go on the internet
    compact size
    half decent speakers
    decent screen (watching alot of films)

    Am I asking too much of a netbook here?

    Also I can wait a bit - is anything just around the corner with netbooks?

    Cheaper obviously better for me!


    Sounds more like you need either a HP 311c (with some upgrading) or maybe a small laptop like an Acer Timeline or similar.

    Original Poster

    Thanks people - sounds like I'm asking too much.

    Think I will wait for a while before I splash out on one of these - seems like I do not justify it at the moment.

    What is it that the netwbook will struggle to do from my list of 'wants'?

    Basically looking for something to avoid me having to take my laptop everywhere (travel alot)
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