Netbook Users: Which OS and why?

    Just out of general interest of what people use for Operating systems on there netbooks ,



    Depends on the netbook and usage. On my Mini 9 I opted for Windows XP as it is mainly used by my fiancee and that is what she was use to when we bought it.

    currently have nc10 with win 7 home premium cos it works fast and its the latest os

    My niece has Windows 7 because it came with that but i opted for XP on mine as i'm used to it.

    On my Acer D150 I have Ubuntu 9.10, XP & 7 triple booting.

    My wife has Ubuntu Netbook Remix, the kids have Ubuntu & XP.

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    Im currently looking at using Ubuntu studio on my dell mini, got xpud and win 7 atm

    I use Xubuntu on my Acer Aspire One (model: ZG5). I'd recommend it if you don't mind getting used to Linux. It's essentially the same as Ubuntu but looks slightly - and I mean very slightly different.

    I have used Ubuntu Netbook Remix in the past but I didn't like the customised interface - much prefer a traditional desktop (i.e. background, space for icons, "start button", etc)

    Depending on the specs of the netbook, Windows might be ok. Higher performance netbook should be OK with Windows 7. My AAO runs it fine but its overkill if you're just browsing the net, sending emails and writing documents - the obligatory anti-virus you'll need to be running will waste much needed resources too. Might as well run Linux and not have to worry about crap like anti-virus.

    I use windows 7 on my asus 1201n, runs great, and Windows 7 ain't so bad after you get used to it (mind you I was using Vista so anything is better)!

    I use Ubuntu 9.10 remix on my mini 9 , I have used XP but ubuntu boots up and shuts down so much quicker.
    I agree with oldmanhouse about the lack of a traditional desktop on remix,but I've got used to it now.

    If anyone is planning on putting ubuntu 9.10on a Dell mini 9 reading ]this link will save them some grief.

    XP on mine - it's quick, it's compatible with loads of software and it works fine.

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    Im using a dell 10v.
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