netbook v laptop

    which is better?? going to be used just for surfin the net really



    netbook, as you can use it better sitting on the loo

    Netbook or laptop... hmmm... "But what's better? There's only one way to find out...FIGHT!"


    no netbook

    Depends if you like the screen size of a netbook. I prefer laptop... but each to their own. Could always pop in to say Tesco's and have a look and feel of them to see what suits you best.

    I changed from a laptop to a netbook, any heavier duty stuff I would do on desktop anyway.

    Netbooks are ok for internet, but have very limited graphics. I bought one for my daughter and installed her fav game sim2 but it would not run at all. Also youtube videos tend to be jerky on netbooks.

    Go for a laptop


    Also youtube videos tend to be jerky on netbooks.Go for a laptop

    No jerkiness on mine, (N130) either youtube/other online video, or when playing avi's

    if its just surfing either will do but if you can afford the laptop you can use it for more demanding things which you might like to do in the future. pop into an electrical store and have a look and a feel:-D

    If you are going to do word documents on it as well like a student may do would the screen not be a bit small. Can you see all the page on it.
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