Netbook which one shall i buy?

bought a nc10 from argos, it only came with a 3cell so ive returned it hoping that they give me a 6 cell.but the nc10 is out of stock so shall i get the nb200, the packard bell or the asus 1005ha which is 154pounds from ebay



whichever 1 you like the look and feel of would be most logical

[FONT=Verdana](1) What can you realistically afford to spend.
(2) What will you be using the netbook for.
(3) What battery runtime requirements do you have.

Those key points are pretty core in my book, so you might want to sit down and consider them - also if you can pop in past your nearest Comet, Curries, PC World, etc to see if you can try some of them hands on to get an idea of what they are like.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:

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well i can spend around 200-400 but dont want to spend 400 on a netbook, would then look to get a ultra mobile laptop.

going to be using the netbook for films,internet browsing and occasional youtube.
battery atleast 6 hours is a minimum.

i had the nc10 before had it for nearly a year then sold it.
have u had a look at the asus 1005ha

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so any other suggestions people?

do some research!!!

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lol i have been now im thinking of getting the asus 1005ha but want the asus 1005p only if argos gets them on clearance

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anyone else have any recommendations,.the black asus 1005ha is out of stock
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