Netbook with a DVD player?

I really like the idea of a netbook but would also like to play DVDs. Why can't you get one with a player? Is it just me or isn't that a big drawback? Anyone know of a netbook with a DVD player?


I have a netbook [AsusEEEpc[XP,160G] ] and use a slim DVD reader/writer for installing programs etc. But for my travels I was interested in playing films on it without humping loads of DVD's around , so opted to ripping them and converting them to Divx .They can be carried arround on a pendrive/external drive or even a SD card and the picture quality is very good .Just an option for you .

A built in optical drive would add bulk/weight to it plus draw a fair bit of power from the battery thus alll in al defeating the whole point of netbooks. As Ricko has said divx & portable memory are the way to go.

Bought my misses a Samsung NC10 brill netbook, but would require portable drive etc for DVDeeeeee

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Cheers all. Probably right it's all down to the play off between bulk, battery life and the DVD. Perhaps an external DVD then...or the DIVx route..I will ponder a bit!:thumbsup:

yeah if you got a nice hd, liek some of them with 160gb drives i would recomend the riping option, some nice free riping software out there, convert it to a nice divx, around 700mb - 1gb in size each at a decent quality, but you could prob get it down a bit by picking a smaler resolution, as full screen isnt that large on a netbook resolution wise.

Saves bulk, carrying around dvds, all good! even my mums happy

Would't a Netbook with a DVD player built in just make it a notebook

Netbook -> Notebook -> Laptop
Good things for each of them but I would not like to see DVD drives in Netbooks
I love my netbook best thing i have bought in ages, and I have a 360 HD-DVD drive if i really need it
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