Netbook with built in 3g and webcam circa £300

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Found 4th Apr 2010
Can anybody recommend a netbook with built in 3g slot and webcam for around £300?

Checked a number of websites but details for most don't mention 3G or the netbook are over £500.

I've seen a couple of ASUS / Acer and Dell's second hand that state they had them but when I've tried to find the same models brand new I'm struggling.

If it were up to me I'd get a std netbook and use a USB but this is for a friend that travels a lot and is likely to lose or break a USB

Any help would be appreciated and H+R will be left.




Compaq 311-1030SA does (or something like that model number, typing from one now).

Yes the HP 1030 with 10% discount

£329 normal price
£296.10 with 10% HP code
£284 with 4% Quidco

I am looking at exactly the same but before the HP code dissappears at the end of April, I wanted to see if any other offers where the WWAN (3g included) version e.g. 249 !! are around.

Btw this is supposed to be great and only prob was the mouse pointer (where it moves when you type) which has been resolved through software - you can download a small prog to sort it.

If this deal comes down to £249 again I will definitely jump. :whistling:
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