netbook/laptop for my 12 year old son

Found 10th Sep 2010
i wonder if any of you lovely people can help me,i'm looking to get my son a net book, or laptop for his 12th irthday next week,used mostly for messenger,facebbook,games(on friv etc) but alo want something he can do his home work on and print it out,would net book do this or do i need a laptop? alo budget is £200, but obviously the cheaper the better,oh and a built in webcam! i hav no idea about spec and what things mean! i always use a desktop, but still i'm none the wiser! any help would be appreciated!
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bloody hell, for my 12th birthday, i got a pair of roller blades haha


id be scanning ebay if i was you - my advice also would be go for windows xp - so reliable, even tho its fairly old.
Have a look at the argos clearance site on ebay ****.co.uk/Cle…ins.

All netbooks are much of a muchness, with built in webcams whereas budget laptops don't usually come with a webcam.
Yes I agree with somebody. I got an msi laptop from them a month half ago. Well worth money i paid for it.
thanks for your replies, doyouthink thi one would be good it247.com/pro…HUK
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