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Found 14th Mar 2010
Hi all

I want to write on the go so am looking at something cheap and easily portable. Basically, I will use it on lunchtimes, etc. to write (articles, stories, etc.).

I want to spend less than £200.

Any suggestions? I've never used a netbook, so is it a bad idea for typing on?

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You need to get down to pc world or somewhere and try them out it's not much good asking. It will depend how you type. If you are a touch typist you need to feel what the keys are like. You will also see that keys are different, some raised, some flat, now they have those isolated designs with gaps... HP keyboards are meant to be good, as is my older Samsung NC10. If you go around the shops it amazes me how many times the store demonstrators have keys missing...nearly aways the Acers. Netbooks don't seem to have any problem running Word or Powerpoint but the screen is a bit small. You would need to decide do you want a 10.1in screen or a 11.6in screen, however the keyboards may be the same size. You may also want to consider screens, I like matte screens, no reflections, better for documents, but many netbooks have glossy screens which look great for pictures but you have to look through the reflections from lights etc. which distracts me.

I hope that sets you some ideas but you can't rely on what is good for one person is good for you, I find I need something that suits me and offers the spec I need. Good starting points though may be the Samsung N140, HP 110 or 311 although one or two models are being updated.
Cheers. I'll bear that in mind and have a look.
Any other ideas?
MSI U130 seems a good price at Argos for £199 black or white, win7 starter, latest cpu etc

maybe even cheaper refurbished at argos-clearance on ebay


forgot to add that battery is only 3 cell
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