Netbook/Mini Laptop, cheapest and prettiest plz ;)

    Hiya all,

    i'm after a Netbook for my niece (surprise present, depending on exam results on Thursday!)

    It's gona be mainly for college work, so needs to have Window XP and obviously wireless internet. Any help would be great. She is also very girly, so needs to be pretty :-s

    Cheapest plz,



    netbooks are not designed for office applications - get them a normal laptop.

    my samsung n110 with only 1gb ram, can run microsoft office (only tested word so far) completely fine, of course i upgraded to 2gb ram to help with multitasking and only cost around £15 from amazon. although the n110 isnt cheap, and its around £330, so if your planning to get 2, then this isnt the one to get. There are very cheap acers going about at around £150-160, but they are cheap, so they'll be cheaply made of course, and im nto sure you can expect it to run ms office, but there are lower quality versions, such as open office. Im guessing they get the gcse results? i get mine tomorrow also

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    . Im guessing they get the gcse results? i get mine tomorrow also

    How did you do?? We're defo happy!:thumbsup:

    not as good as i hoped for but, 2A* 5A 2B 1C (french was the C :P)
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