The reason that I am reposting this is that the last thread received hardly any feedback, and I am hoping that this will receive more (Don't worrythough, I won't be reposting it AGAIN lol)

    I am looking for a netbook but am unsure of which one to get with so many on the market; however I do like the look of the following:

    -Asus 1000HE (white) - for it's fantastic battery life and highly practical design (in terms of keyboard and touch pad).
    -Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (white or red) - for it's customer services and because it is reportedly very easy to install Mac OS X onto.
    -Samsung NC10 (white) - for it's beautiful yet practical design and the 128mb dedicated graphics card.

    The key things I am looking for are:
    -White or red colour (not just black please)
    -A price tag of not too much more than £300
    -1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor (or better)
    -Compact, good-looking and practical design
    -At least 1GB RAM and 80GB HHD (not overly keen on SSD's, would prefer more storage space)

    Other things I would like (only if possible) include:
    -Simplicity for installing Mac OS X or Snow Leopard (when released), in terms of minimal hardware changes as well as easy software installation.
    -A good battery life
    -Easy-to-use trackpad and keyboard
    -1.3mp webcam
    -Dedicated graphics card

    For any general information, recommendations, deals etc. in relation to the netbooks within the list or similar (as long as they fit the criteria to at least a certain extent), I will give rep, thank you!!!


    I was in PC world at the weekend and noticed how many notebooks there is now on the market .It's a minefield to work out what's best . For me I wanted XP , a good battery life and a decent sized hard drive .I opted for one I bought at Currys just before xmas . An Asus EEEPC , 1Gig RAM now upgraded to 2GIG , 160 HDD . I think I paid top wack for it at £329 , but what the heck .Nice little machine , something I'll take on my hols but havn't done much with it yet .
    Must admit I wouldn't want to buy something new to put another OS on but . I know people do , but if you like Linux buy a Linux notebook , if you prefer XP buy a one with XP on and for OS10 why not get a mac ?

    samsung nc10 all the way from me i've had mine for couple of months now and i am well pleased with it, no probs what so ever, great battery life, great bright/clear screen, 5-7 hour battery all depending on settings, great keyboard, and wireless is fast, i had asus eee pc before they were good but not that good, also soom good deals out there at the moment, i think the cheapest i've seen at the moment is £307 delivered:thumbsup:

    like you i'm in the market for one too. if by any chance you have a policy with Morethan, you can log on to and go to the hut, you get an auto 10% off with free delivery. That makes the NC10 around £280!!!

    Also look at the Advent's a re-badged MSI Wind !!! :thumbsup:…e-2

    I have one ....over the moon with it.

    i have a black nc10 looking at £255 delivered
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