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Basically looking for the best deals around on netbooks. Going back to school soon, and doing an A level in IT, amongst my A lvl options. Looking to buy myself a netbook, as i raised up a bit cash since buying an ipod touch. Want it for the standard work, scripting programs/sites etc, ms office would be good if the processor can handle it, or a simple ms works can do, i mean its a netbook afterall lol. Good hard drive needed, 80gb/160gb. As for ram, 1gb-2gb. Processors, i havent actually looked into the netbook world yet, so im a bit clueless on the power the standard to higher range models have. Defintely Intel for sure, wouldnt buy anything else really. XP or free upgrade to Windows7 would be good. Bluetooth would be a welcomed addition, ill never have any contract mobile internet so i dont need anything concerning that either. No glossy screen, and i want it to be nice and compact, looking stylish, preferably black and to use up the area around the screen as much as possible

Budget is around the £300-350 mark..


the NC10 is worth looking at

though the processors are not very good - i doubt many netbooks with XP can run programs like dreamweaver at a respectable speed, I have a dual core and 2gb ram and i would says its ok to run dreamweaver. Office 2007 would be a complete lag on a netbook

personally i would go for a Laptop if your doing an IT Course

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I have a laptop, and 2 desktops, i just want soemthing ultra portable :\ imagine taking your laptop everyday, along with the many folders stacked with work...and yes i have been looking at the NC10,l the NC110 though looks to be amazingly better, it says 3times the battery life compared to the nc10, even though both have 6cell batteries, which i do not get at all
Of course i would like to go cheap as possible, say something with comparable qualities to a nc10, but at the £200 mark for exmaple i would take that.

I wouldnt use dreamweaver lol, i write the scripts by hand :P

I used to take a 15.4" around with me, it's not *that* bad :P

The N110 has 3 HOURS more battery, not 3 times.

You can't get XP with a free upgrade to 7 - that only applies to Vista.

The NC10 is great - but only if you need a long battery life. If your looking at spending £200 or less then it's probably not for you.

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Samsung N110 with 9 hours battery life! The Samsung N110 Netbook takes the next steps in mobile performance! If you thought the NC10 was good, the N110 will wow you with 3 times more battery life.
£330 web/£350 instore @ pcworld

aha i would never go below £200, thats asking for poor quality, hence i said my budget can max at around 300-350

Yeh i know the vista to 7, is for free, since i said XP or one (that comes with vista) and has the option for free 7, since some dont offer it...sorry i missed out the vista bit, thought it went without syaing

The website is wrong then

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Thanks, im currently stuck between thinking a higher end netbook (£330-350) or a small laptop which could be dual core at around £370-450

Thing is a full laptop, does have a layout thats generally more spread out, whereas on a netbook its all compact and closer together therefore giving a much smaller and lighter option.

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Pretty much all netbooks use the Intel Atom n270 1.6ghz.At work we got 20 … Pretty much all netbooks use the Intel Atom n270 1.6ghz.At work we got 20 Samsung NC10's at work today, I personally have an Acer Aspire One A150 which is about half the price and pretty much the same. So I'd get the aspire one. They use the same CPU, same wireless, same touchpad, the build quality is almost the same aswell.

looking around the Acer Aspire One A150 looks to be about £250-260 the Nc10 is £290-300 :\ i fail to see this "about half price". Although thanks for the background info though

OH and battery time, i would be looking for a good 4-5+ hours hopefully
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