Evening all.
    I'm looking for opinions on netbooks, my daughter is asking for one for Christmas.
    I quite like the look of the Samsung here…ook particularly as its in pink!!
    It's a bit of a last minute purchase so I've not really had time to research them, that's why I'm asking the experts!
    Budget is around £200-250
    Thanks all.


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    Direct link for the Samsung ]http//ww…-21

    My advice is to buy the one with the biggest screen you can afford.

    I gave my laptop to my daughter and a netbook is no replacement for a laptop but mine is 10.1 inch so it may be better with a bigger one.


    Direct link for the Samsung … Direct link for the Samsung ]

    personally recommend this one…8-4
    really long battery life and looks lovely and slightly better processor, brought one a week or so ago and love it

    both my daughters use acer aspire netbooks, we have had no probs over last year

    I use a 10" dell inspirion notebook - its lime green but you can get pink within your price range


    My advice is to buy the one with the biggest screen you can afford..

    Yes agreed!..... best netbooks to get at the moment are the Acer Aspire 751 with 11" screen, You can get these specficatons...Personaly I would'nt go for the 10" screens now.

    Acer Aspire One 751 Netbook Atom Z520 1.22GHz 1GB RAM
    Ultraportable, stylish, slim and light design with full size keyboard
    Intel Atom Z520 Processor, 1GB DDR2 Memory and 160GB HDD
    Genuine Windows XP Home ( Upgradeable ) Check Out Acers Website For Free Windows 7
    11.6 inch HD WXGA LED widescreen display with integrated webcam
    Up to 7 hours battery life

    I wouldn't agree with the comments about netbooks not being good enough to replace laptops. It depends what you're using them for.
    If like me, you use them for web surfing, office tasks, as a music & photo library and for playing games like world of goo, braid, worms etc etc, then a netbook can be more than capable.

    I have a samsung nc10, that I replaced an apple MacBook with.
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