Netbooks. Are they any good?

Just wondering who here has purchased a netbook and whether they are any good?

I'm thinking of getting my parents one for xmas or something (to stop them using my computer) but not sure if they are worth the cash considering the screen is so small etc. It will no doubt be used in the living room or something and spend most of its life in a draw.

Also would like any recommendations to any good ones, eeepc? or another?



i've bought the advent 4211, it seems the best netbook for the money, your best to get one with xp rather than linux as there are still quite a few programs not compatible with it, i started out with an eee pc but found it very limiting, also the 4211 is a rebranded msi wind but nearly £50.00 cheaper well worh it!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks, i'll take a look.

disagree - you don't need xp - linux does all you need it to do, there are a wealth of extremely helpful people on various forums (fora?) out there who, when I've been faced with a difficulty, have helped me really quickly.

plus, if all they need or want to do is surf the net or play simple games or do simple office tasks, the programs are all there loaded up for you.

i've been using linux for a month now and just wouldn't go back to xp if i could help it.

I've got an eee 701 Linux version, it's a nice machine but no replacement for a decent sized screen. I actually don't use it for web browsing that much anymore, lately it's become a combination radio, music/podcast player, reference book, ebook reader and portable game console.

I don't know how much better the bigger ones are for web browsing, I would keep an eye on the new dell 12" netbook though:…spx
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