Netbooks EEK! Samsung N130 vs. Dell 1011 vs. Tosh NB200

    I've been going round in circles trying to pick a netbook. Short of trying the magic 8 ball, thought I'd ask @ misc first.....

    The contenders:

    The Sammy N130, N270 1GB 160GB 6 cell XP home @ £208 + 3.5% cb
    (bundled with a free 3, 3G preloaded, dongle)

    The Toshiba NB200, N270 1GB 160GB XP home @ £196 + 3% cb (inc's £50 refund)

    A 3 cell Dell 1011, N270 1GB 8GB SSD Ubunto @ £171 (w/ 3 yr dell warranty) + 4% cb


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    Rep and gratitute for helpful answers :santa:

    Can only really comment on the NC130 as bought NC10 for my wife and these are similar. Very nice machine and very good battery life which counts for a lot (bear in mind the dongle eats batteries when connected as same as mobile on constant talk). It deals with most tasks and I have recently upgraded(!) it to Windows 7 and its even faster than XP Home. Running full Office 2007, Gimp, and Firefox/IE no probs with multiple windows.

    I am guessing that the Dell has a score with the SSD but these have a definite lifespan (probably as much as a HDD or more considering no moving parts). The Ubuntu and SSD will help battery life and make for a fast boot etc (although Win7 is pretty quick on the NC10).

    Dont know anything about the Tosh but had other lappys from them in the past and always had problems.

    Good luck choosing but I would definitely buy another Samsung any time.

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    Thanks Marm - repped.

    Did you put the full Win7 on your NC10, or the Windows 7 starter....?

    Samsung gets my vote

    Another vote for the Samsung N130, you just can't go wrong with it, heard alot of good things about it from people at work, have you read all the online reviews for all 3? i'm convinced the sammy will come overall top, it's a little bit more, but you get what you pay for; I've got 2 samsung tv's! :-)

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    3 up for the Sammy :thumbsup:

    Appreciating the help guys, and repping with each post !

    i own toshiba nb200 and its of the best keyboard and big trackpad on a netbook that will definitely avoid your frustration with browsing with a small trackpad.also the battery life has been so far very nice and it runs windows 7 like a dream..wake up works to around 3 seconds which is very useful when you want the laptop on immediately.One of the very unique feature is the gshock sensor that moves the spindle of hard disk on to a safe location if it notices a jerk protecting your data and the hardware which is very useful when i use the laptop on bus and on road.It comes up with a comprehensive 3 years warranty at a affordable price too

    Hope that helps:thumbsup:

    [FONT=Verdana]The Samsung or the Toshiba Netbooks should be considered - the Dell Mini 10v Netbooks are a pain to take apart to upgrade the memory and also the hard disks.

    Bear in mind as well that cashback for the Toshiba Netbook is not guaranteed as I remember hearing of a few problems before with getting the money - my gut call would be for the Samsung N130, as they are good runners but also there are a good few user communities out there as well.

    At the end of the day it's your call over what you feel most comfortable with - my suggestion would be to read the reviews out there and search for reviews made by owners.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:

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    Thanks all !
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