Netbooks (NC10) with Excel & Word

    Quick question before I order the NC10, on the PC world website it says for document creation get a laptop, am I OK using Microsoft Excel and Word on a Netbook if I install them?

    Dont mind it being small but I assume it will work fine as thats the reason I am getting one really so I can do my project work wherever I am in college etc.



    It wouldn't have any problems running MS Office

    It will work. They would recommend a laptop over a netbook as the keyboard is a bit smaller, so if you're doing a lot of typing, it makes sense to use a larger keyboard as it's far easier.

    You can still use a netbook for office work, but prepare to get peeved off due to mashing several buttons at once

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    Cheers, got the replies yesterday & ordered it, didnt get chance to reply though.

    Dont ming getting a bit annoyed, the size means I can take it to college easile etc so its better than a laptop for me!
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