Netbooks without Windows

    I'm looking for a ~10inch screen netbook. I know there are billions of them now but apart from a few, they all seem to come with Windows. To me this suggests a portion of their price goes on towards a Windows license.

    That's fine if I used Windows but I don't, and haven't for a few years. I moved to Ubuntu after a year with Vista and haven't looked back.

    Seeing as it's not trivial to get a refund for a Windows license (hours of letter writing/emails/telephone calls) and I don't see why I should pay for something I won't use (and can't re-sell), what are my options for a (or free Linux-using) netbook these days?


    If you look around there are some with XP on which are discounted by retailers as old stock.

    i got a dell1012 from ebay for 120 which seemed cheap (had xp coa) but immediately ditched it for ubuntu - it was from the currys reseller (techfurb or something iiirc)


    The Dell mini 9 came with an optimized ubuntu as standard and some say worked better with it.. Prices are reasonable on ebay (seen them go for £75 with no ssd) and you can also put OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on there if you upgraade the SSD to 16GB+.
    Dell Mini 9 is a decent little Netbook, but not for typists, as keyboard is cramped.
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