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Found 10th Apr 2008
Holy crapoly, does any one else use NETeller? I just want to cash out £29 I received about a week ago, and instead of the usual £1 fee they now want £5! £5 for a bloody bank transfer? jeez.

It sucks because I use NETeller as it's the only payment method on this bingo site I play in most nights so I sort of have no choice but to pay it!

Maybe I will be able to find an online retailer or 2 who accept NETeller and just spend the money in future instead. But seriously, £5 a withdrawl, who on earth is going to use NETeller when they don't have to!?
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I was going to use neteller as a cheap way to pay Ryan Air tickets. Big mistake. I left my credit in my Neteller account and found they have taken just under £20 admin fee as I had not used the account in 13 months! I would definitely avoid this Neteller account as being a scam of some kind. What kind of admin charges does keeping £50 in an account cost anyway? They did not even bother to advise me that they had taken the fee!!!!
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