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any good, what about these deals on eBay, i just wanna watch it on one device, and want hd
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Go halves with someone as you can use at least 2 screens
eBay route I wouldn't bother with tbh, I did it a few times a couple of years back, and it wasn't worth the hassle or the money as they would stop working a few days later then the seller would give you half a dozen more to try which would do exactly the same then they would disappear,
if your interested in getting Netflix I would recommend you put a request in misc as there are a few groups of people (I do one myself but it's full) who share the subscription or in the same position as your self want to possibly share a sub and go from there.
Been using a £2 ebay one for around 10months. Plus a wwe network one for over a year
If you have an iPhone you can pay with iTunes. Tesco have an offer on them for 15% off at the moment I believe. So you can save a little.
OoEliteoO9 h, 50 m ago

Go halves with someone as you can use at least 2 screens

ok i asking mother, i already using her sky go 😁
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