Posted 18th Jan
Hi there

Took out Netflix using the Turkish method. Decided to cancel subscription. Now I want to renew. Do i just select the rejoin email they have sent me that states the price in Lira or do I have to use VPN again?. Anyone had any experience with this please.


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Not had experience with rejoining but when I cancelled mine then i did it all over again with VPN. Might be worth just doing that in case just to be safe. Although, having said that if the email shows price in Lira that might work also. It might change to GBP when you click on the link though?
Has to be over a VPN or it will charge you in pounds.
Is the Turkish option cheaper than Indian currency option atm? I have YouTube Premium (family plan) for £2.05 p/m. I originally setup a new Gmail account whilst using a VPN connected to India and signed up using false name etc, then signed up-to YouTube (also while using VPN - you should know cos YT recommendations will be Indian/non-english recommendations) - and i use a Revolut card for payments. Go to sign up to whatever plan you want from YouTube and the currency should be shown in Rupees. I pay £2.05 per month for Family Plan (as apposed to £17/£18 p/m in the UK) i then added my main UK account to the ‘family plan’ and turned VPN off and use my normal UK YouTube account for everything.

Worth noting YouTube will ask for an address/name etc when signing up for an account, i used a address and postcode for a local McDonalds in Dehli, India.

EDIT: Just realised this is the Netflix thread and not YouTube Premium. All the info i’ve provided is for YouTube and not Netflix. I imagine Netflix works in a similar way with the VPN etc but i piggyback off my sisters 4K Netflix plan so i don’t have any knowledge on that. Sorry for the confusion.
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