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Found 8th Jan 2014
I just bought a 12 month Netflix code from eBay for a ridiculously good £20 and it redeemed on my account without issue. I am assuming this code was got by some illegitimate means so is there any risk of me being punished?
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It has been suggested some of these may of been purchased with stolen credit cards,but who knows?

Hacked Netflix accounts too.I've never bothered risking it with something … Hacked Netflix accounts too.I've never bothered risking it with something like this. I can't see how they could have come about by decent means myself, even if there may be no risk to the purchaser.Maybe someone on here will know otherwise?

It's not a hacked account, was just a code that I applied to my existing account that I have had for several months now. According to the seller they were bought at auction when a Dixons store went into liquidation, they had these codes to give to customers who bought smart TVs. Sounds legit enough and since I've saved about £50 over the next year I'm happy!
Can you access US content via DNS/VPN/Proxy with this voucher?
you can even get 1000 Twitter Followers **GENUINE UK SELLER**

only £7.99 lmao
You can access the US content via VPN with these codes yes. I have seen a lot of people selling hacked accounts on eBay but never seen UK codes sold before so here's hoping it's all legit. I can provide the name of the seller for anyone interested.
Tempting could you PM a link

you can even get 1000 Twitter Followers **GENUINE UK SELLER** only £7.99 … you can even get 1000 Twitter Followers **GENUINE UK SELLER** only £7.99 lmao

You can get 5000 followers for £3.49 at fiverr.com

You can also get 20,000 youtube views for the same price from there:)
If something sounds too good to be true.......... I'll let you finish the sentence.
Technically can't you put in a claim in paypal and automatically win?
Just say you didn't receive the item in registered post.
i know a friends whos account has been working for the past 6 months... but i think its shared by other people too and has had password changes which the ebay seller has notified of in advance
in the us they have a limit to the number of devices an account can have and have different tiers, they dont have the same here yet which is how they sell the same account many times.
I'd be interested in buying a Netflix voucher if it was going to be cheaper. I'd say that if it was bought off ebay and the seller could provide a legitimate reason for the sale (the Dixons story is plausible, whether actually true or not) then I'd go for it. Searching Netflix on ebay doesn't bring anything up however - have they been removed?
funny enought i was looking at these today, i may take a stab in the dark and get one, even if it works for a few months, ill keep yous all posted
Bought mine this afternoon after seeing this post - got the code emailed to me a couple of hours later, and redeemed it no problem. It applies £71.88 to your Netflix account as a gift subscription, so just means that when they bill you £5.99 every month it will come off your credit balance instead of your bank card.

Bargain - a saving of £52! Thanks for this OP!
OP, have you thought about posting this as a Deal? I bet loads of people would give it a pop for £20, especially with a few of us having already successfully redeemed the codes with no issues, and a legitimate sounding story behind them. Although I'm not sure it would be allowed, with the seller being a newly registered user.
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