Netflix Family - Anyone got any places going?

Found 22nd Oct 2017
Title says it all, really. I’m keen to chip in to join a group with a UHD account.

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You could start your own? I believe in you good luck.
Id join you
Just a word of caution. I joined a group set up by user HETHEKID just over a month ago. £3 per month, which is a little over the odds, but no sweat. Had us pay straight away, rather than at the end of the free trial, which again is a bit cheeky, but hey ho.

Annoyingly, he changed the password on our account at the end of the free trial month with no notice, saying that he might set up another one sometime soon. Even more annoyingly, I'd just paid my second months payment and although he said that he'd refund it, he's just ignoring all messages now.

I know the amount of money involved is small, but it's the principle that counts. I hate getting effed around by people like that.

Beware if he posts here again looking to set up a new group and definitely don't pay more than one month at a time.
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