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Found 7th Jun
Hi Guys. Not seen a post here for a while about setting one of these up so I'm wondering if anyone wants in? Been a long standing reasonably active member here for years. And DID have perfect feedback here in the fs/ft section when that was a thing on this site.

So I'm looking for 3 people to pay for 12 months service.

1 month free, 11 months at £10 = £110 = 4 of us paying £27.50 for 1 year of UHD Netflix. Now I'm not sure if it allows more than 1 device watching each person's family slot at a time, could somebody confirm this? If this is the case this will only be good for someone who watches on one device at a time.. Not somebody who'd like to do this and have their kids watching on tablets whilst you watch on the TV at the same time too.

For anyone interested please let me know down below and once I have 3 people interested I'll send my PayPal details and get it setup.
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As far as I'm aware you can only watch 1 at a time on each account.
But I've never actually tried it so I may be wrong.
Not sure if this helps but in our house we have 1 Netflix account. I'm able to watch it on our Smart TV and my housemate can watch Netflix on her laptop. Maybe Netflix sees that as one usage at one address?
Anyone know how they deal with downloaded stuff in this scenario, does that still count as one device being used when you watch the downloaded programme? I could be interested but there is the chance me and my son might want to use it at the same time him streaming, me via download (train journey to/from work) so it may not be suitable for us.
If there are any spaces left i'd like to sub share this?
MrsMeguy7th Jun

If there are any spaces left i'd like to sub share this?

You're the first one to say you want a spot. So yes first one is yours... 2 more people needed
talset6 h, 54 m ago

4 devices and be used at once

Thank you very much.
I would like a space if you have one please
andyy1199 h, 45 m ago

I would like a space if you have one please

Of course. Thats two taken. One more to go and we can go ahead with this
I'd be interested if there is a slot available.
anselmofa33 m ago

I'd be interested if there is a slot available.

That makes 3. And fills it up. I'll PM the 3 of you now with details
Any news on whats happening with this?
MrsMeguy16th Jun

Any news on whats happening with this?

You are the only person to get back in touch with me over this recently. 2 spots still open for now
Did you get problems with paypal sorted?
PayPal still isn't sorted. With working 10/10s all this week and their call centre being God knows where I can only communicate with them by email and by no surprise they aren't very good at responding.
Updated the three original ones who wanted in to let them know I can now use PayPal after sorting it over the phone this morning. I'll give them 24 hrs to respond and let me know if they're still in or out.
I'm still in, just need the others again.
im still in
eslick7 h, 13 m ago

Might be ofinterest. …Might be ofinterest.

True, lol.
Payment made
Two payments made and details sent. Just waiting on the last one.

Checking out those international codes definitely will be worth a look at. Thanks
I'm in if you need another!
absolutereality6 h, 6 m ago

I'm in if you need another!

I'll let you know by the morning if one drops out. Payment is coming tonight so if the persons mind is changed I'll PM you in the morning.
Everyone is now paid up and has details. Enjoy folks
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