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Unless I'm missing something Netflix doesn't seem to do a full content A-Z listing of everything available (Currently 459 films/series if one website is to be believed).
I've just been trying to find a decent website with the list but the ones I've found are all terrible, either too many ads/not loading etc.
Can anyone recomend a good site please.
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Does…ies help? I've just picked a few randomly from that list, and they are indeed available on Netflix, so seems up to date. They used to have an API, shame they don't anymore.
There are 6000 films and shows on netflix so a bit too many for A-Z I tend to use the built in search options or use.... just watch.... Website as you can search if a particular film is available on prime or netflix ect... Side note.. Use advertising blocker. Brave browser is free and cross platform but others available. I use smart cookie browser on Android at the moment
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